Uchida MK sdn bhd, has been developing and providing comprehensive products which has attractiveness and original unique concept with functions under our corporate philosophy, "To Provide The Best Quality Products To The World."

Organized by
ISO 9000

In recent years the development and spread of IT has significantly changed the business environment and office concept itself.
In response to changes in the social and economic conditions and IT technology, we will do our utmost to develop valuable products which conform to various needs and expectation, such as global environmental protection, safety and security that will be provided through network of our dealers and partners to our global customers continuously.

Over the next decade, we pledge to work as one to fulfill UCHIDA MK mission and to build strong, dynamic relationships with dealers, partners, customers, the communities we are part of, and our stakeholders.

Main Product Lineup:
Cleanroom Chair, Office Chair, Workstation, Meeting Table etc.

Production Line

Uchida MK sdn bhd assemble and packing our Cleanroom Chair in our own cleanroom facility where extra dust and dirt are not deposited.
Thank to the cleanroom packing, chair is easily washed by air to remove the dust and dirt when install to the client’s cleanroom.

Our Production Process

ESD Treatment

Every Chair is checked for ESD before shipment. All chairs are required to perform our standard.


Final Cleaning is done at cleanroom in our factory.

Particle Push-Out

In order to reduce the possibility of contamination, particle are squeezed out before packing.

Clean Pack Shipment

All chairs are cleanly packed after the test. This will help easy installation when customer starts to use our products.


Uchida’s cleanroom & ESD chair clear the ESD test not only standard position but also lay down position. Lay down ESD performance is effective for the accident of knock back and for hits the back to the other components in the cleanroom.

In order to maintain high leveled and accurate manage of ESD, test criteria and handling of the test result are manualized.
*Every chair needs clear the strict test and keep the result at our side. Therefore, test report can be submitted upon request.

*For Cleanroom& ESD, and ESD type chair only